On the Esthetic Value of Works of Art

  • Blagomir Papazov Shumen University „Episkop Konstantin Preslavski”


The study of the processes involved in the creation of a work of art has been the focus of numerous complex theories which continue to find new interpretations in an attempt to reflect the emerging innovative forms of visual arts. Theory and history of art are an ever-changing field of ideas and interpretations of the processes of art creation and discussions about the definition of what constitutes a „work of art“. Works of art have a special social significance as they are an integral part of the culture of a society. They reflect the esthetic and artistic values of the time in which they were created, and the style and changes it undergoes in time. The interpretation of a work of art has always been a kind of improvisation, which however requires esthetic empirical evidence and professional expertise in the respective type of art.

Author Biography

Blagomir Papazov, Shumen University „Episkop Konstantin Preslavski”
Faculty of Pedagogy


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