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Vladimir Žikić
Marijana Ilić Milošević
Saša Stanković
Maja Lazarević
Hossein Lotfalizadeh


Two hymenopteran species are reported for the Serbian fauna. Diprion similis, from the family Diprionidae, served as a host for the parasitoid wasp Monodontomerus dentipes, from the family Torymidae. The specimens were collected from Mt. Zlatibor in western Serbia. The parasitoid specimens were reared from the pupal stadium of the host D. similis.


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Žikić, V., Ilić Milošević, M., Stanković, S., Lazarević, M., & Lotfalizadeh, H. (2019). TWO NEW HYMENOPTERAN FINDINGS IN SERBIA: DIPRION SIMILIS (DIPRIONIDAE) AS HOST AND ITS PARASITOID, MONODONTOMERUS DENTIPES (TORYMIDAE). Acta Entomologica Serbica, 24(2), 57-61.


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