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Ivan Tot
Milan Djurić
Filip Vukajlović
Mihailo Vujić


The fauna of butterflies in Serbia is richer for another species - Tarucus balkanicus (Freyer, 1845). During the research of the Landscape of Outstanding Features of the "Valley of Pčinja", on August 3rd and 4th, a total of 6 individuals of this species were recorded at the site of Čivčija. The feeding plant of this species is Paliurus spina-christi, on the basis of which the popular Serbian name for T. balkanicus – “dračac” was proposed.

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Tot, I., Djurić, M., Vukajlović, F., & Vujić, M. (2021). LITTLE TIGER BLUE, TARUCUS BALKANICUS (FREYER, 1845) – NEW BUTTERFLY SPECIES IN THE FAUNA OF SERBIA. Acta Entomologica Serbica, 26(2), 85-88.
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